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Fur-Giving Hearts Rescue

Every Heart Matters...Foster, Adopt,

Donate or Volunteer

Fur-Giving Hearts Rescue was founded for the sole purpose of helping dogs and cats in need of medical attention, restorative care, and eventually forever homes. We recognize the overwhelming need regarding animal control that exists in and around East Texas, and have pledged to make a difference. Through the tireless help of our fantastic Board of Directors and team of volunteers, FGHR is making a huge contribution to the communities, animals and families we serve. We hope that you will carefully consider joining us in our efforts!

Why us?

"There are so many individuals like me who are just trying to make a difference one animal at a time. We can only do so much on our own. Please consider being a part of our rescue on whatever level you are capable. Whether fostering or adopting, volunteering or donating, we would be so grateful for your support."